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Sunprinting workshop

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Sunprinting Workshop

Sunprinting is a photographic printing process that uses sunlight to create unique, one-of-a-kind prints. The process involves placing objects or negatives on light-sensitive paper and exposing them to sunlight, which produces a beautiful, blue-and-white image. 

In the 1800s people used this technique to create photos without a camera! By placing objects on special paper and exposing the paper to sunlight, early photographers created blue images, called cyanotypes or sun prints.

In this workshop, the participants will be introduced to basic experimental sunprinting techniques. They will experiment with different exposure times to see how it affects the outcome of their prints. Some of the experimental techniques the participants will be introduced to are patterns with stencils, drawings on the transparent film that I will provide them, or sunprint collages by arranging multiple prints together. 

The magic of this technique is that it’s powered by sun and water using natural elements like leaves, plants, and stones to capture beautiful prints.

The inks that are used in this workshop are non-toxic for humans, animals, and waterways.