Mina Archon (Mina Archontaki b. 1997, Rethymno, Greece)
is an artist currently based in Amsterdam.


Her practice focuses on community and environmental issues as well as on biomaterials.
Mina is interested in commonism -with an O in the middle - to develop new ways of art production. Urban and environmental commons always come to the fore in her artistic practice. In some of her projects, she invites people to participate and interact with each other in the public space. In other projects, she keeps an observational approach toward communities that have a story to tell. Such communities can be a group of people living in a block of buildings and sharing common spaces or even a flea market in a degraded Athenian district.

Emphasis is given to concerns about environmental sustainability and climate emergency. Her interest in ecological practices comes from her empirical experience gained at her family’s farmland on Crete. Recently, she has focused on the artistic research of biomaterials such as bioplastics and cob. Being an innovative material, bioplastic has fascinated her and led her to be part of the community of biomaterial researchers.  She has experimented a lot to find the right composition of ingredients to make her own bioplastic recipe. Those materials form a new sustainable way for artistic creation and open a dialectic with the public about the Anthropocene.


In 2022 she did her internship at Biobased Creations in Amsterdam. She worked on the project Building with Nature in Jakarta as an assistant designer.
In 2021 she graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts in the sculpture department.
She studied in Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna in 2019 under the Erasmus program.

She hopes that at some point art can generate societal change. :-D